Hello World 👋

Welcome to my site 😊 My name is Christian Alder and here is where I'll sporadically write about stuff that interests me.

Tech, food, travel, games, code, life in general. This isn't a blog for one specific thing.

This site has been constructed with 11ty, hosted on Netlify, and has analytics by Fathom Analytics. This is consistently proving to be a winning combo for me, so I keep using them.

My blog isn't done and will be worked on when and if I feel like it. I already have a list of things to tackle next, in no particular order:

  • Holy FOUC

    I've got some major FOUC (Flash of unstyled content) going on because I lazily used FontAwesome in the most easy way possible. This however means that when the SVG icons are fetched there is some layout shifting (Which I tried to patch for now). As I'm not using too many icons I think I will just serve them locally or have the SVG code directly in the HTML - I'll probably make a nice Nunjucks Shortcode to help here.

  • Categories in order of how popular they are.

    Due to the way I've got the categories and posts setup this initially felt like it'd be a problem, but I think I might be able do it with constructing another array and then looping through that.

  • RSS, maybe per category RSS?

    I've never setup RSS before but I'll give it a try. I'm not expecting people want to subscribe to things I have to share, but at least the option should be there.

  • A changelog page

    I don't really want to be making a whole blog post every time I make a change to the blog - but do want to document my development a bit. So I'll create a nice, date-ordered changelog page which will grow over time.

  • Images

    I've not set up any image styling or optimisations for the blog yet - and until I do I'll probably avoid adding images to my blog posts. Initially I will get 11ty Image setup, but then I want to have some custom code added so I can add a nice scrolling gallery if desired (Something I think would look cool for my Adventure posts)

But most importantly for now, is just to get into the habit of writing a bit more and populating this site with posts.

Thanks for reading,

// Christian